My name is Rita Vander Kooi and I typically write on Thursdays about happenings on the farm and in my family here in Minnesota.

I think that as a farmer, it is time to quit saying, “If you ate today, you can thank me.”.  I sincerely believe I should thank you, the one who buys the food we produce, for supporting us.  My husband and I truly enjoy farming and are so thankful for the opportunity to work in a profession that gives us great challenges and great rewards.  Raising our kids on a farm is a huge priority for us.  Being good stewards of our land and our animals so we can pass our farm on to our children is just what we do.

IMG_4165 edit

My husband and I standing in the 800-cow barn we own in partnership with my father-in-law.

If you have a question about dairy cows and every day stuff on the farm and in the field, please ask me.  I know there is a ton of misinformation out there.  I am just a normal person that loves to write.  No question is a bad question.  My hope is to bridge the gap between those who farm and those who don’t — and can’t figure out how many generations they would have to go back to find a relative who did.

One of my most popular posts was about our 10th anniversary in April 2013, when I wrote about the top 5 things I love about being married to my husband.  He is truly my everything.  Thanks for reading and I hope you will continue and tell your friends…. about the gal who fell head over heels with this guy who was determined to farm the land and care for animals, soshemarriedafarmer.  That’s me!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Rita!
    I saw you in the Dairy Star and decided to check out your blog. You have a gorgeous family!

    So I married a farmer too. We do not dairy farm, but Josh’s hours seem just as long and hectic during the busy summer months. (He raises fresh market vegetables, plus corn and soybeans.) I look forward to seeing more from you! Good luck!


    • I think Beth Adamek had told me that you married a fresh market farmer. I haven’t talked to her in years either, though. It was neat that Morrison County finally got a Princess Kay last year — and she did a fabulous job. Do you get home very often? So fun that you found my article in the Dairy Star!


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