We have no idea

We have no idea what we are doing. Nothing seems right or normal. We should be making corn silage and running around like crazy people. Instead, my husband is doing things like fixing a lawn mower tire that has been slowly leaking for a month, and mowing weeds. Two of our key employees took their families camping and boating on Labor Day weekend. This is weird.

Mowing ditches. Joe’s dad has a knack for knowing just what new equipment to buy. I think he is trying to preserve Joe’s life during Joe’s annual “I’m mowing around the manure lagoons regardless of the danger” episodes.

The first 3 weeks of September are normally corn silage, corn silage, and more corn silage. However, we didn’t receive any rains for weeks and weeks and the corn basically died. So, in order to harvest at the right moisture to make it ferment, we rushed through it at the end of August and finished last week. Before Labor Day. And then actually spent time with our families on the long weekend. Who knew?

I’m sure, regardless of who you are or what kind of career you have, these times are strange. It’s hard to put your finger on what comes next. One of the great things about farming is that our occupation is our passion, so we can always find things to do and ways to be productive.

May this week find you with ways to be successful in your community work and relationship building. I hope this week is one in which you find yourself doing something that feels awkward and right at the same time. It’s a great week to say “yes” to something that feels a little dangerous, unless of course, that is mowing around manure lagoons. That gives this 40-year-old lady way too much gray hair.