Well, I got the shot

In 4-H, we always say that if you didn’t take a picture, never happened. Record keeping aside, it seems like people are posting a pic with the immunization card after their shot.

I put off thinking about whether or not I would get a vaccine because I honestly felt like Covid would be long gone by the time they got to my age bracket. I wasn’t going to stand in line in front of someone who really wanted it to feel safer.

Yet, it is so widely available now where I live. I scheduled an appointment at my pharmacy for the Johnson and Johnson shot yesterday at 4:00 (took me 4 minutes online) and when I went in at 9:45, they were ready and waiting for me. I could have gone to the clinic to get a Moderna this week as well. So a decision had to be made.

I chose yes. To me, it is akin to giving blood. It takes some time and makes me tired. It is good for me (dumping the iron) but moreover, it benefits someone in need. Similarly, getting the shot this morning is making my arm very sore. It took about 30 minutes time, if you include the 15 minutes of waiting for a reaction. Yet, I hope this means people around me feel more comfortable going to a large group setting such as church. I hope those in my community feel safer to shop small. I hope that my immunization is part of a bigger picture of a life closer to normal.

It is my responsibility at the dairy to ensure are heifers are properly vaccinated so I understand the science behind it. I am amazed at how quickly the vaccine became available because, good grief, I use a vaccine for respiratory and reproductive diseases that routinely goes on back order and it makes things complicated, but this was so simple and fast.

The final thing I wanted to say is this..it is okay to be nice to someone who disagrees with your stance on all things COVID-19. Typically, hard things draw people closer together, so lets not have this push us apart. Whether you scowl or smile every time you see a photo of someone with their card, it is okay to be nice to them regardless.