Date Night Drought

Last weekend, Joe and I snuck away to a town 30 miles from home for a DATE NIGHT!!  The excitement was so high that all caps are needed. 

Sterling’s in Luverne

We had been in a drought — well, as far as dates go.  We had been to a local vineyard the week before silage harvesting started in August…but nothing since then.  All told, Joe hasn’t eaten lunch or dinner at home (other than on Sunday’s) maybe 10 times in the last 3 months!  

When we remodeled our kitchen 13 years ago, our cabinet-maker informed me that he goes on a date absolutely every Friday night with his wife.  Their tradition has upheld for decades — she balances the checkbook in the time when she would normally be preparing food, and then they go out to eat and catch up on things.  His story has always stuck with me. 

While we don’t go that often, it is SO important to take time to remember the reasons why dating was such fun when we were first getting to know each other.  Last weekend, we laughed, had meaningful conversations and, most noteworthy, didn’t cut up anybody’s food for them.  

I always appreciate my kiddos much more after some time away.  When I tried to quietly go down the steps the next morning for some peaceful reading time alone, Violet heard me. She jumped up in her crib and shouted, “I wanna hold you.” I couldn’t turn that down!

So, go on a date!  Pour some kindness into your relationships!  Have a great weekend.  



It looks to become an annual tradition.  It’s the GFL and it occurs on a Sunday afternoon in November.  Grandpa’s Football League. 

The lawn mower came out to move the leaves out of the way, a goalpost set up, and even a little barn-lime to mark the field. 

Joe’s parents have 14 grandkids that are within 11 years of each other and all live within  7 miles of home. Pretty good group of players if I do say so myself. 

A new addition this year was very necessary in my son’s opinion.  Light towers. 

If your husband ever mentions something about buying a “few light towers”, tell him no.   I didn’t, and now they are just a good reason for him to work later.  I will admit they were kinda cool for the football game tonight though. 

Harvest is wrapping up for us like it is for most people in our area.  Yields were good, especially considering the incredibly wet spring we had.  Not too far from us, some farmers have grown phenomenal crops. 

There is still a bunch of tillage to do on the land where corn was harvested.  We don’t do tillage on soybean ground usually.  We again planted cover crops of radishes, turnips, and rapeseed as soon as the corn silage was harvested and that looks great. 

Joe has big plans for installing more tile in the next few weeks to better drain excess water away from fields. He usually works at it until the ground is frozen solid (it seems that way anyhow).  He has some projects going on at the dairy too so he may not make as much progress this week as he hopes. 

We are very thankful for a safe harvest.  The weather lately makes winter seem more bearable. I encourage you to take the time to enjoy some traditions — whether they involve light towers or not!