Here in Atlanta

I am waiting for the okay to start boarding this plane in Atlanta. We drove the 3 hours to Minneapolis this morning, caught a smooth flight here and next is Düsseldorf, Germany.  

Claas, an agricultural equipment company, invited us to tour their facilities.   Okay, well maybe, “invited”, isn’t the right word… last time Joe traded in our huge forage harvester, he mentioned that he “wouldn’t mind to see where they are made, you know”.   Joe can be pretty convincing.  So, they are treating us to this trip along with about 30 other farmers and 4 company representatives. 

   These type of opportunities don’t come along too often. And seriously, if they never did, 99% of farmers might never leave home for a week.


This photo was sent to me this morning by Joe’s Aunt Sue, who is lovingly caring for my kids this week, along with my parents and Joe’s parents.

I have never spent more than 10 hours away from Violet, so this 8-day trip is definitely a stretch for me. Joe says it is good for the kids and good for our marriage!  It was a ton of work getting everything lined up back home but we have have great employees and the best family support system.  

About half of our time will be Claas type things and about half will be touristy.  I have been to Germany twice before (once on a school trip, once with Joe right before we started having kids).   I can speak a little, and can read just a little more, so it will be nice to brush up on those skills.  

We’ve met some of the people just hanging out at the gate and I love getting to hear everyone’s stories.  It’s a crazy small world!  The man sitting behind us on our first flight had my brother as his best man. 

Okay…so we boarded and the seat next to me is still empty….wouldn’t that be fantastic?


Me, with my new best friend = empty seat for an 8 hour flight.

Time to go.  So excited!


Do I have to?

I will admit it.  I used to think I couldn’t possibly be that type of person but as I am now in my mid 30’s, it is undeniable.  I am a homebody.

Joe is not. He insists there is so much to be learned from traveling.  I know he is right. I do love to travel, and the memories we make, but I still prefer to stay home.


We received our “tickle machine” that intensifies the nerve signal from her brain to her muscles. She has been an absolute trooper!

When we returned from our family vacation to and from Cincinnati, I was just full of joy and energy to be home.   I really like the open space and LOVE the sunsets.  Downtown Chicago once every five years is often enough for me.

We are on Day 2 of schools closed due to the Groundhog Day Blizzard.  Two major US Highways and the interstate that intersect here in Worthington, Minneosta closed.  I LOVE IT!!  Yesterday was a page out of the book that I thought being a stay-at-home mom was. Making crafts, painting trim, watching the fire, and guiding the kids as they made supper for us.

But getting back to the whole “Joe likes to travel thing”.   He insists we get away for at least 4 days between babies. (This is NOT to promise you that we are having more babies.) So, 15 months ago when he convinced a salesman for our Claas Silage harvester (see post Hay in a Day) to throw in a trip to see their factories in Germany, he had to tell them that we would need a rain check on it.  He knew that pigs would fly before I left a 4 month old baby for more than 4 hours, let alone a whole week.

Fast forward one year. Now, the trip is coming fast.  2.5 weeks until we depart for Atlanta and then to Düsseldorf. I think I may need to pack Violet.   And Ava. And Liv.  Okay, fine I’ll take Vince too.  Just kidding.

We just received coats from FedEx this morning.   The USPS has their motto of getting it done despite the weather, but FedEx showed them up this time. Stay safe, stay warm, and trust me when I promise that my little ones are going to be snuggled extra in the next few weeks!