The Fall That Never Ends




Perhaps you know somebody that exhibits these characteristics. If you throw in:

Won’t quit until the job is done.

Dislikes the randomness of potlucks…

Well, then you certainly have narrowed the field down considerably. If you consider all the people that work on our farm, you have just narrowed it down to one lone soul, my husband.

These qualities (well, 4 of the 5) are what makes my husband the ABSOLUTE PERFECT person to spearhead a huge project of installing field drainage tile for 6 of the past 7 weeks.

Joe took this photo with his drone, which is helpful to know the exact pattern if you might ever have to fix on it.

Just how huge? Here’s a number: 240,000 feet. Nearly a quarter million feet of plastic pipe laid according to Joe’s Stardard of Perfection so that the fields can drain excess water away from them. This results in less water runoff in a storm event, more oxygen in the soil, and better crop health.

There’s been a ton of joking around between Joe and others who work for the dairy, as to who “gets” to tile and who “gets” to combine soybeans and corn. Yet, the reality is that everybody know that Joe’s character traits make him the perfect person to get these fields drained properly.

My husband’s persistence has been key. There have been some really wickedly windy days in past weeks. Days when Joe came home with red stinging eyes and his body chilled to the core. Yet, the next day he would simply put his work boots back on and attack the project again. One of the neighbors came out this year to tell him he was a fool for tiling in such miserable weather. Good grief…that just fuels Joe to work harder!

This certainly has been the fall that never ends. Most autumns, the weather will turn rainy for a few days and it just never dries out to a point that allows one to get back in the field to finish the job. It hasn’t rained more than a tenth here or there for the past 7 weeks and the ground hasn’t frozen, so the tiling just kept going.

The weather is supposed to really change tomorrow. 50 mile per hour wind will do that! Joe has a big ceiling insulation replacement project on his mind for this winter, and he is ready to switch gears. Most farmers (Joe included) love the opportunity that winter projects bring, because you become inventive and learn as you go.

Have a great December celebrating Christmas with family and friends…think of Joe installing field drainage tile next time you attend a potluck.