The Kiss

I’m not talking about the kind of kiss that would make our 11-year-old son embarrassed to witness.  Nope, I’m talking about a quick “Welcome home”.  

That is my New Year’s resolution.  It is simple enough: Any time that I hear Joe come in the door, to stop what I am doing and welcome him home. I know that when we were first married, I always greeted him with a kiss. I suppose somewhere along the craziness of life and little kids it got lost. 

The work that Joe does on our farm can be really stressful for him (that could be a whole blog post by itself).  When he comes home, I want him to feel like our home is a place where all his worries can fade away. 

So, rather than thinking that laundry, meal prep, piano practice or whatever is more important, Joe knows that we treasure having him come home.  

May your home be filled with love!   Blessings on your 2017. 



Cincinnati bullet-points

My brain is a bit fried from all the travel today and really, just from Ava coming into our bedroom at 1:30 this morning to see if it was time to go to Cincinnati.  So, I am going to stick to just a list of things. 

Nurse, Ava, surgeon, therapist

1. People at airports can be so distant.  Nobody minds waiting in lines anymore because they simply look at the phone in hand. 

2.   The brachial plexus team at Cincinnati is so genuine in its care for Ava. 

3.  Ava has tons more potential — it will take hard dedicated work and still more time. 
4.  No predicted surgeries for the next year.  Yippee!  I made sure to ask because we, like most self-employed families in Minnesota, are still unsure of our insurance plan for 2017. 

5.  The team finds Ava’s case to be fascinating.  For instance, she has finger flexion (like making a fist) but in order to use it, she pushes down on her lap with her other hand.  When they watched her do that, they said they hadn’t seen that before in a patient but realized she was kicking in her triceps on her unaffected arm because that is where they “stole” the nerve from to give her finger flexion.  If that makes sense. 

6.  We had them adjust on her “tickle machine” a bit so hopefully she tolerates it bette tomorrow than she has been.  As her sensation returns with more strength, the shock is just too much anymore and needed to be toned down. 

7.  A new place to target is her wrist.  I’m so glad we didn’t choose Washington University because they said you don’t get that motion ever, you just fuse it every time. 

8.  We return back for a checkup in June. 

9.  It is absolutely the world’s best gift to have just  one child to plug into, for an entire day.  We had a grand day full of giggles.  Ava re-styled my hair 30 times for me.  When we entered into a small children’s playroom at the Cincinnati airport, she immediately remembered our pretend play there from 6 months ago when I pretended an area under a slide was an oven.  She asked me to make her cookies again while we waited. 

10.   I am so excited to get home tonight after this last flight, and appreciate all your prayers for safe travels and amazing healing.