The Kiss

I’m not talking about the kind of kiss that would make our 11-year-old son embarrassed to witness.  Nope, I’m talking about a quick “Welcome home”.  

That is my New Year’s resolution.  It is simple enough: Any time that I hear Joe come in the door, to stop what I am doing and welcome him home. I know that when we were first married, I always greeted him with a kiss. I suppose somewhere along the craziness of life and little kids it got lost. 

The work that Joe does on our farm can be really stressful for him (that could be a whole blog post by itself).  When he comes home, I want him to feel like our home is a place where all his worries can fade away. 

So, rather than thinking that laundry, meal prep, piano practice or whatever is more important, Joe knows that we treasure having him come home.  

May your home be filled with love!   Blessings on your 2017. 



One thought on “The Kiss

  1. Love to you both and hope 2017 is a wonderful year for your family. I enjoy reading your posts having been another “so she married a farmer” lady. Glad the stress of the farm years is over and we now enjoy a fairly new home and 5 1/2 acres instead of 211 (Ohio farms aren’t that big). We went to a nice holiday party last night (got to play dress-up and look like one of the beautiful people), but tonight we will be staying home at watching the Ohio State Football game. Go Buckeyes!


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