Super Salesman

When Brett from our local John Deere Dealership calls, it doesn’t show up on Caller ID with his name. It reads Super Salesman. My husband coined that term.

How did Brett earn this distinction? He NEVER gives up. Each new month or whatever promotion they are running, he is always trying to drop off something that we need, but just don’t realize it yet.

Last July, he dropped off a new skid loader, pictured above. I thought it was identical to our current one (I took this photo to prove it to Joe), maybe was a bit cleaner. There were some differences that Joe pointed out to me, I guess. The back-up camera was pretty nice.

Well, bottom line is that Super Salesman won and we had the new skid loader delivered last week. When I was 16, I don’t remember learning this in Driver’s Training, but in bus training I learned to NEVER back up unless you absolutely must. With operating a skid loader, it is tough to avoid backing up, so the back-up camera is a very welcome safety addition.

So, that Super Salesman is just a persuasive, persistent guy. He even persuaded his boss to buy Vince’s purple ribbon from his goat project at the fair. Generosity to helping youth goes a long way.

Now is the time to start editing a phone contact of yours to read “Super Salesman”. It makes me smile every time.


A wedding and some Amish farming

We traveled to the east coast this weekend for a wedding. 23 of us from Worthington, Minnesota!

Joe’s grandma, age 93, endured the weekend with relative ease! So many cousins!

We were very thrilled to be invited and the ceremony was truly a blessing to attend. It was so refreshing to hear again the importance of marriage.

Of course, we managed to fit in a farming adventure earlier in the day on Saturday. After a short stint on the beach at Chesapeake Bay, we headed north toward Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I tried to google a driving tour of covered bridges but threw that idea out the window when I saw this.


And it looks Amish?

“Turn here, Joe! I mean it!”

We pulled up and, since it was a Saturday, there were kids running all over the place. The dad and the uncle were trying to fix on a steel-wheeled “corn binder”.

We asked if we could get out and they said “sure”. They had great English and not-so-great teeth. Very nice and interested in our way of life. Joe visited with the men, and a bunch of kids took me on a tour of their farm. They had 6 huge horses for working the ground, 45 milk cows, 5 dogs, and of course chickens and goats.

This is a picture looking from their farm up to their schoolhouse (on the right). One room for 30 kids, with a teacher and helper. Kids come from up to 2 miles away. On the left, it is the grandparent’s home.

It is so hard to imagine that they live just 2 hours from New York City, 90 minutes from D.C., an hour from the beach — and they’ve never seen any of it! They looked at us like we were crazy to be looking for covered bridges when they had never even seen the one 2 miles from their home.

They don’t like photos of themselves so I didn’t get one. However, they proudly grabbed a photo book from the house to show us a deer fawn they brought into their house once upon a time, as well as landscape photos on their farm.

They grew 11 acres of tobacco as a cash crop. Seeded and harvested it all by hand and each plant split on the stalk and hanging upside-down in a shed.

I didn’t get a photo of their tobacco but we saw lots of other Amish farms as we tried to make our way back to the hotel and wedding.

Every Amish farm had their laundry hanging on a line that stretched on a pulley from their porch up to a very high point of their barn. And they each had at least one shed for drying tobacco. Much not be a very mechanized crop to grow, so fitting for Amish farmers.

I snapped a photo of their mailbox and took a screen-shot of our location. I hope to mail them some photos from our farm when we get home!

Violet has been bringing dozens (at least!) of travelers smiles with her airport antics, rolling a bag twice as big as her. She is sunshine! We are excited to get home. It is raining there, so harvest will be delayed for a few days. So I have a good excuse to do laundry without hanging it on a line. And send our new Amish friends some mail.