A useful U-gate and Carlson cow update

Some people never part ways with “stuff”, but usually on our farm –if it isn’t used — it doesn’t stay. If you start to keep everything you just might use, maybe someday, you’ll soon have so much stuff on the farm that you’ll never find what you are searching for. It is a rule my husband has learned from his father.


However, we just broke the rule. Do you know what a U-gate is? It is when an employee (because, you know, we never make mistakes, ahem) is backing up a skid loader and forgets that they are nearing the end of a pen and whammo…the skid loader meets the gate. The gate is no longer a straight line and usually so much shorter that it isn’t useful.

We used a u-gate today. (It had been somehow saved.) To do something we have never done before — load cattle on to a double-decker style trailer. Why?

Well today, after exactly 3 months of housing Carlson Dairy cows following that terrible storm near Pennock, Minnesota, we sent some of them back home! I hope they are enjoying their newly renovated barn!

Carlson’s poured the final needed piece of concrete on Labor Day, let the cement cure for a week, lined up some semis yesterday, and welcomed 90 cows back to their farm today.

As I have a very flexible schedule with my main objectives being more to care for my family, I was able to help out. Our herdsman, Bryan, is fantastic at this type of thing so we worked together. At this point, we think we may do this same thing the next 2 Mondays, because it is convenient for the trucking company.

I hope you will not be troubled next time you try to de-clutter your home or farm. Most of the time things like U-gates aren’t useful. There are just exceptions to every rule.