15 things for our 15th

Today we celebrate fifteen years of marriage. My brother sent me a text at 5:00 so he can claim the first well wishes. This is the same brother that bothered me during our wedding photo shoot that Joe was looking for his slippers, claiming he had cold feet.

Joe and I have persevered through many circumstances, and we are so much stronger than 15 years ago. Here’s to another 50.

Fifteen things I love about Joe:

15. He appreciates my cooking.

14. He is a big-picture type person.

13. He is not afraid of hard work.

(You knew that one would be mentioned!)

12. He gets the biggest giggles out of our kids.

11. He knows me.

10. He enjoys my sense of humor. I think.

9. He provides.

8. He builds me up.

7. He agrees with me on the big stuff.

6. He trusts me.

5. He tolerates it when I put random goat emojis in my text messages.

4. He is so handy and can fix all the things I break.

3. He gives me breaks.

2. He loves our kids!

1. He loves me.