Happy Valentine’s Day

Joe and I both confessed (professed?) our love for each other for the first time on Valentine’s Day. Just 17 short years ago!

Every year since, he has bought a dozen roses for me without a vase. The thrift store has plenty of vases that they don’t need another one. I always make Joe a special meal.

Today, we ate lunch together at Arby’s. I LOVE catching up with Joe in the middle of the day. It was without much planning. I had a friend watching Violet while I attended a morning meeting and we just stretched that time a bit to include lunch. We chose Arby’s because that is one of few places in town that Joe could park his semi!

He has been hauling soybeans to a processing plant some this week. He claims he chose the red semi because of Valentine’s week. Sure.

With my Youth Group kids tonight, I wanted to spend some time talking about random acts of kindness because love is really an action word. And because I love to see high-schoolers squirm when they talk about love. Most though because I wanted to talk about kindness.

Anyway, we talked about something a parent might say to you, or do with you that helps you to know you are loved, and one kid blurted, “Saying I love you does NOT count.” So there you have it, even teenagers realize love is definitely an action word.

I sincerely hope you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day. This day, with such a focus on love, can be really tough for those who don’t feel loved or recently lost a loved one. Please deliberately shower random acts of kindness this week on those you know need it, because the world needs that way more than the local thrift store needs more flower vases.