HUGE Week for MN Dairy

HUGE Week for MN Dairy

World Dairy Expo was held last week in Madison, Wisconsin.  It means different things to different people — it’s a trade show, it’s THE cow show of the year, and it’s a time for dairy producers from all over the world to connect or catch up. 

Right now, Minnesotans can’t wipe the smiles from their faces.

Our 4-H Dairy Judging team won top honors. 

photo credit to Hoard’s Dairyman

Our University of Minnesota Dairy Judging team won.  I couldn’t steal that photo. 


A cow from Minnnesota won the Holstein show.  It’s a really big deal.  Only the best of the best come to this show and they come from all over. And a MN cow named Thomas (of all things) won. 

Photo by the Bullvine.

Here’s what makes it so neat. This cow was raised and cared for by a super nice, well-respected family from Rochester, Minnesota.  Their last name is the Sheehan’s, and they operate Sheeknoll Farms. Four generations going strong, and a day they will cherish forever. 

I don’t have to check the records to be sure:  first time Minnesota has swept all three.

My family attended the show on Thurdrsday and made some memories.

As companies pack up their booths from the trade show, and farmers hang up their show halters for the year…it is time to embrace fall. And keep cheering for Minnesota dairy.