In just 10 years

Tomorrow, my husband, Joe, and I will celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss.  Well, obviously not every single day is bliss, but for 10 years, we have held to to our commitment of standing beside each other to the end.  The roughest times for me have been my miscarriages.  I think a man just feels stuff differently.  The roughest times for Joe…well, perhaps he knows better than to let me know what those have been.  Our good times FAR OUTWEIGH the bad times, and we both often agree…we’d get married all over again.  Here’s a list of the top 5 things I love about being married to him.  (boys, start taking notes and do the same things for your gal).


Starting our married life together. April 5, 2003

1.  We agree on the big things.  We are God-fearing Christians.  We like kids. We vote. 

2.  He is a hard worker.  There is never a doubt in my mind that, through God, he will provide for our family.  If we needed it, my husband would deliver pizzas at night to get by.  A Saturday is typically just another day to farm.  He always does his best, whether someone is watching or not.  Read the caption on the photo….it is a perfect description.


Joe putting in drainage tile to improve our land. Although it is buried underground and unseen, I guarantee you it is nearly perfect. Anyone who has worked with Joe would vouch for that.

3.  He respects the work that I do.  He doesn’t fold laundry and I don’t fix a broken water line.  He assures me that the work I do is important.


Coming home from the hospital with my first-born, and with it, a new job title: Mom.

4.  He is fun.  My kids know that!






What could possibly be the best thing to appear in this picture?


….Dad coming to pick up his girls for a date selling cows in Sheldon, Iowa.


Don’t forget the snacks!


5.  In my old age, I have the wisdom to understand that it isn’t as important as I once thought it was, but yep, he is still handsome.  He has a few scars from a farm accident 5 years ago, but they simply remind me to treasure our good health and ability to work.



So, there’s the list.  I hope it wasn’t too mushy for you!  In just 10 years, it is amazing to look back and see how we’ve changed.

We aren’t headed to Hawaii…maybe we’ll do that on our 25th.  Instead, maybe I’ll force him into a game of Scrabble.  Maybe he’ll force me into a game of Monopoly.  Maybe he’ll come home before 5:00.  Well, maybe that is just too many maybes, and I need to start planning for a real date!


7 thoughts on “In just 10 years

  1. Happy anniversary! Love this list — so honest & true. All your photos are just wonderful; the current ones and the older memories. Beautiful wedding photo. 🙂


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