Snow Day for a Farm Kid

When our home phone rings at 9:00 at night, there’s a pretty good chance that it is the school district’s automated lady declaring either a late start or a school closing.

Of course, this call means different things for different families. I suppose it is a nightmare for working parents of young school-aged kids as they are suddenly in need of childcare. For Victor, 3 weeks old, it just means more arms available to hold him throughout the day. However, if you are an older kid on a farm, it likely translates into a day of physical labor caring for animals.

Victor, 3 weeks old.

Due to extreme cold and blowing snow, our family got “the call” last night announcing a 2 hour late start. At 8:00 this morning, the call came in that school was closed for the day. All of a sudden, Joe had gained a couple of extra farmhands for sorting cows this morning.

Vince (13 years old) is good with a lot of things on the farm, but reading a cow’s ear tags and then seeing if she is on his list of cows on the clipboard –yikes! So, I imagine Liv (10) will be the clipboard gal this morning and Vince will be opening gates and walking cows to their new pens. We had our veterinarian out last Friday to ultrasounds cows to check for pregnancies. (We do that every 2 weeks.) Joe is switching around some of the pens at the dairy to try to improve some efficiencies and so he will be making the lists for them.

That is if everything goes as planned — which isn’t likely with this extreme cold! I suppose they will find lots of things that need a little coaxing to make work today. Please pray for all those who are caring for livestock this week. The extreme temperatures affect so many people, from linemen to city employees to snow plow drivers to farmers, and sometimes it is hard to remember “safety first”. Bundle up and remember that it is only 50 days until spring!


One thought on “Snow Day for a Farm Kid

  1. Ah yes…snow days for a farm kid are so much different than for others, who can spend the day reading or sledding! 🙂 The bitter cold is to hit us today or tomorrow, and I will admit, I’m very apprehensive! Frozen water pipes are NOT my favorite part of winter! Hurray for the coming spring. I’m so very thankful to live in a place where we get all four seasons equally! Stay warm and safe!


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