Still No Baby

Of the many, many things I have learned from Ava’s accident 3.5 years ago, one of the most important is this — you might as well be patient because God’s timing is just how it is going to be anyway.

In the case of this pregnancy, God figures we’ve got lots of time. I am 4 days overdue and can’t call anyone without beginning the conversation with “I am not in labor and I have not yet had a baby”. Random people at sporting events and grocery stores divulge their best secrets for inducing labor because I must apparently look “fully cooked”.

I had an ultrasound 5 days ago that showed baby has plenty of fluid and is not huge. I also had a non-stress test yesterday that looked good and my blood pressure is fine. So more and more waiting. I honestly don’t feel a whole lot differently than I did a month ago and other than New Year’s Day bringing a bunch of contractions, things seem pretty stable.

I was not at all concerned today that my basketball-shaped belly would change today so we traveled an hour away to watch our daughter play in a basketball tournament. It was fun to watch them play. It was also a beautiful day for a walk in between games with so much sunshine here in Southwest Minnesota.

In the meantime, nesting is in full force and our closets have never been cleaner! I am bringing items to our thrift store pretty much every other day. I never run out of projects and honestly feel way more prepared than I have the last 3 pregnancies.

I am off to stretch my back soon, and of course, do a YouTube search for labor-inducing exercises! We have tried some side-lying hip press suggestion, lots of walking, lots of positive thinking, but no — I am not interested in a bumpy four-wheeler ride or anything of the sort. I’ll just keep waiting for a few days and figure God has a good plan.


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