No load of silage is worth that

As the sun sets of 2018 corn silage season for us, I am incredibly thankful for the safety of everyone on our crew and well, anybody on the roads.

Corn silage should be all done by midnight tonight. We have some earlage to make yet, but it is a little more low-key. Photography by my son, Vince.

My husband always reminds his crew every year:

Don’t EVER roll through a stop sign…no load of silage is worth that.

Don’t EVER drive 60 miles per hour on a gravel road…no load of silage is worth that.

My husband bears the burden of Ava’s accident every day. He tries very hard to have one extra semi on a crew all the time so that people don’t have to feel rushed. Whenever something breaks on his chopper (forage harvester), a tractor or a semi, he always says, “At least nobody got hurt.”

I urge you to be extremely cautious as a person on the road this harvest season. Farmers will bring out their combines very soon.

Put your phone down.

Never pass if there is any possibility a farm vehicle may be making a left turn.

Forget about the time clock you want to punch.

We were terrified when we had heifers out all over the highway last month. There were so many cars that blew by cops with their lights on, heifers running across the road….none of us could believe the incredible hurry that cars were in. I honestly think some people were so engrossed with their phones that they didn’t even see that they were incredibly close to an accident. Or in such a hurry to get to work on time that they weren’t willing to slow down or stop for a minute.

Please be patient this fall harvest season. Your safety is worth so much more than a text message or a time clock.


7 thoughts on “No load of silage is worth that

  1. Such a good reminder for ALL of us! I’ve followed my husband on the road with farm equipment at dusk, flashers flashing brightly, and people STILL fly around us both…in blind spots and on corners…because they are in such a hurry.


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