Heifers out, using that mom voice

Some of our 230 heifers broke down the pasture fence in the middle of last night, and hightailed it across 4-lane Highway 60. Police called my father-in-law, and within minutes we had 4 trucks, 3 dirt bikes and 2 side-by-sides ready to round up our rogue pregnant Holsteins.

The fun began at 5:30 this morning. We started on the southwest side of town on a patio that borders the lake. We started walking those 10 heifers down the road that leads to our local elementary school and is about 2 miles north of our farm. We kept splitting up as more calls of more groups of heifers kept coming in.

Our local police and employees did an awesome job. It took a lot of team effort to get all these groups of heifers back across the 4-lane! We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience and confusion this caused people on their way to work. I am headed to town soon to visit people’s yards and access any lawn damage. We did everything we could to keep them in the ditches.

My husband and I have endured much in our marriage, and have learned that the most important thing in the end is….NOBODY GOT HURT. All stuff is replaceable but people are not. We are so very grateful for safety.

At this point, we have 203 heifers at home. I should have 230. We think the remaining 27 have settled down in a corn field for today and will start to move tonight. So, if you see a 1,000 pound heifer that has yellow tags with a number starting with a 7, either call police or contact me through my blog or Facebook.

Again, a huge thanks to our local police and community members that helped. Way too many people to mention. I would call them, but my voice is pretty hoarse from sternly directing heifers all morning. I can’t wait to go to my OB appointment tomorrow, and have them ask me if I have been exercising.


11 thoughts on “Heifers out, using that mom voice

    • We have never had any in town before! Thank goodness the lawns were dry and didn’t sustain any damage other than some extra fertilizer!
      There are so many drivers that didn’t even slow down…it is amazing that nobody got hurt.


  1. The key words – nobody got hurt. Hopefully the rest come out of the corn field and no one hits those. The words “cattle are out” gets everyone moving.


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