I’m expecting!

Joe and I enjoyed keeping our secret for the first trimester, but my belly has begun to grow at an exponential rate! It is time to announce. We are excited to share our news that we are expecting a baby — I am 15 weeks pregnant!!

Photography by my 10-year-old, Liv. Dress from my mother-in-law’s store, Main Street Kids.

Violet, who is now 3.5 years old, was born right in the middle of our busiest season of the year — corn silage. We are thankful this baby is not due until January 2. Our oldest, Vince, 12 years old, was born December 22, and that was a wonderful time of year to be snuggling a baby. Our two middle girls, Liv and Ava, were born in the spring.

But who am I kidding? I would take another child into our family at any time! Joe and I very much enjoy all the laughter, chaos, learning and love that comes with children and have always dreamed of having a houseful. It took us a bit to catch our breath after Ava’s accident (3 years ago) but God is always good and has provided another child for us, even though I am 37.

I have felt really wonderful! Very little nausea, but I always appreciate a nap. My first 3 pregnancies were really rough, but I made some changes (mostly lots of magnesium) and it has seemed to help a bunch. Watching our baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound was a very joyous moment for us.

We leave in 5 days for Ava’s check-up at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and then have just one week for getting ready for our county fair. Our church is hosting a Vacation Bible School that week, too, so the busyness never ends! Life is so good!


15 thoughts on “I’m expecting!

  1. CONRATULATIONS and VERY BEST WISHES! That is wonderful news and a very special, loving home for that new little one. God Bless You.


    • Thank you! He certainly is always good. My daughter took this photo while standing in the shade of a maple tree that we planted after our first miscarriage. I would have never believed then that we would someday be expecting a fifth child.


  2. This is a joyful time! Blessings to you and your family! We, as grandparents, currently have 5 under the age of 5 and expecting number 6 in December. So happy to see God’s family growing.


  3. Amazing and wonderful! Congratulations! I was 37 when expecting Lucy. That being said I can confidently tell you you’ll be 55 when your baby graduates. For me, that’s still 7 years away…!

    I’m glad you’re feeling well! And, by the way, my birthday is January 3…so that would be a good day to deliver! (My dad still teases me that I missed being a tax exemption by 3 days.)

    So happy for you all! Will be praying for the trip to Ohio.


  4. What a lucky baby to be joining your joyful, faith-filled, caring, and fun-loving family! Bruce and I send our best wishes!


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