Independence Day Hay

Never before have we made hay on July 4th. Hopefully never again. We have had rainstorm after rainstorm for a month, and the weather has not allowed a window of time to get our second-cutting haylage in.

We started two nights ago, went all day yesterday, and then this morning until about 30 seconds before the rain hit. Everybody gets a little smarter every year and we have learned it is much better to get the semi trucks out of the field before it hits! Knowing that time was the enemy this morning, the idea was to take the easiest and best hay — leave the rest to be baled later. We got about 80% of it done before another inch of rain came rolling in.

I don’t drive semi (or even a tractor unless it is a short time in a desperate manner), but I do love my heifers. So, when 30 of them were prancing across my lawn instead of grazing peacefully in our pasture, I decided to run around like a crazy lady in the rain putting them back in our heifer yard. Liv and Violet met me at our door with a warm towel — such sweet girls!

Our family tradition is to take a picture in a corn field on July 4th. This year we thought we should find some underwater field and the search wasn’t too tough! While our situation is certainly wet, some of the surrounding communities are much worse.

In any case, we celebrate every day that everyone is healthy and nobody gets hurt. Thanks so much to our veterans and current military for serving our country.


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