Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

We are opening our barn doors for June Dairy Month! It took us a bit to get into the groove, but we hosted tours yesterday, today, and have another one scheduled for tomorrow.

Today, these kiddos arrived at Ocheda Dairy via a school bus. Very exciting for them! The main goal for me on tours like this is to make sure the children learn that milk comes from cows, and they should have 3 servings of milk, cheese or yogurt daily. This class is in session during the summer because they are kids that are identified as ones that could benefit with a bit more school time before starting kindergarten this fall. They were very well behaved.

One thing that struck me today is that opening up your farm for these tours is a lot like having other families come into your home. Nothing ever seems clean enough or ready but you just have to do it anyway!

If you would like a tour of our farm, or would like me to try to connect you with a farm that is local to you, please let me know. We hope to do a big open house maybe in the next year or so!


2 thoughts on “Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

  1. Hi, Rita, I would love to come (with my 3 kids) and see the dairy today! What time can we come? And, do you have directions? Sincerely, Heather (Mellema) Kleinwolterink P.S. Our family grew up in the Worthington CRC and Worthington Christian long, long ago. Anna was in Wendi’s class…


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