Mower Maintenance, Making Supper

“Should I service the lawnmower quickly in 20 minutes, or should I wait until Vince comes home and take an hour to show him how?”.

This was Joe’s question to me this afternoon. Of course, as a huge fan of hands-on learning, I told him to wait.

It’s a great idea to know how to grease a lawnmower, change the oil, change the air filter, and inflate the tires properly. I am so glad Joe is able to teach Vince how to do this as a 12-year-old, even if we are wishing Joe could be planting corn instead.

It’s a great lesson for me as a mom, too. I had told Liv, 10, at the beginning of the school year that I was going to coach her as cook for our family every Friday night. It has only happened a handful of times. There is always room for improvement as a mom, and this lack of coaching is something I am working on!


5 thoughts on “Mower Maintenance, Making Supper

  1. Great life lessons for the children! You’re grass is looking greener than mine in MI, especially since you had snow three weeks ago. I enjoy your blog, and keeping up on your family!


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