Best birthday present

I am not the only farm wife in the world that wishes she simply had more time to spend with her husband. I get it, though — I know that when your passion is your job, there are never enough hours in the day.
But not today. Joe came to a work-out with me!

Joe joined me for a class offered by our local YMCA that combines yoga and weights. It's pretty sweaty.
We LOVE our local Y…Joe is on the board of directors. They offer free child-care so parents can work-out! And the pool is both indoor and outdoors, which is as good as it gets in the summer time with 4 children of all ages and stages. I am not the type of person that MUST work-out to feel normal, but I love to! Also, the programs offered to the kids are great so my car can pretty much auto-pilot there.
Right now, Violet is napping. Liv and Ava are outside painting their nails. Vince and Joe are recycling some old light fixtures and doing some office work. I am about to try to weed that jungle that is my garden.
Life is good. 37 years young and hopefully many more years as a farmer's wife!


4 thoughts on “Best birthday present

  1. Daughter Rita Marie, you make me so proud of who you have become and who you are. Have a very happy wonderful birthday that you deserve.


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