Continued Care

I’ve been asked many times, “How long will you have these Carlson cows?”.   Here’s the answer: we don’t really know.  

We have done enough construction here on our farm to be quite aware that any guesses as to a timeline for fixing a building is kinda a lie.

We will just keep caring for them as long as needed!  I had a 3-day stint as a full-time cow secretary as many of us were trying to get things under control from a record-keeping side of things.  It was fun to be in the mix of things, but I was pretty happy to transition back into my mom role by the end of last week.  

As a mom, it has been super busy.  My oldest two, Vince and Liv are at a 4-H camp.  I really miss them for their company, as well as the work they do here for us.   Here’s a pic of those two after Liv took a tumble in the heifer pasture last Sunday!

My heart is breaking here, though, because I dropped those two off to get on the camp bus and came home to find one very ill mama goat.  Tess, Vince’s champion goat from the fair last year, came down with some sort of weird neurological illness that caused her to have labored breathing and weak legs.   I immediately called a veterinarian and we treated her, but she didn’t come around.   When we started this 4-H project, I wanted the kids to learn about the circle of life.  This is going to be a tough story to tell them, though.  

National June Dairy Month continues and I gave a tour this morning to 20 incoming high school freshman of our local high school.  Our very own Ocheda Dairy started as my father-in-law’s FFA project, so I hope they were inspired today.  I tried to take a selfie:

Ava update:   We are still doctoring with Cincinnati Children’s following Ava’s nerve transfers in her arm nearly two years ago.  Our next appointment is on Tuesday.  We will take the time to go out there as a family, and leave the cows in the care of Dave, Bryan, Corey and a lot of other great employees.   It is crazy to try to get things ready to go away, but I think we need to do it anyway.  


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