Safety-first Slip-N-Slide

Joe told me it wasn’t going to work.  He said that this new-style plastic that we use to cover our cow feed was not slippery enough.  

I thought we ought to try it as a huge Slip-N-Slide anyhow.  So, I called our 21-year-old employee that takes care of all the cow and heifer feeding (well, actually, since he is 21, I texted him).  10 days later he pulls on to our yard with a monstrous piece of plastic.  

So, we drug it out of his truck and up a hill we had built as part of our heifer yard.  Joe had wanted to be able to blow heifer bedding into their pen without driving into it, so maybe 5 years ago we moved dirt until it looked like this:

Well, as it turns out, Joe was right.  This new plastic we’ve been using for a few years now does not work for summertime fun, just for preserving corn silage and haylage.  It has this basketweave pattern in it that causes too much friction to slide.  We ended up having to run down the hill pulling each other on sleds.  Vince suggested lots of dish soap to make things more slippery but I nixed that idea.  

Here’s a few more photos from recent days on the farm. 

First cutting hay is done! We had gotten a new chopper (huge machine to harvest hay and corn) and it worked well.

Isn’t this calf pretty? Kids can be so convincing!

Worthington, MN water tower in the background of this pic of Joe checking on a field of barley and peas. We will harvest it soon and then plant a variety of soybeans that matures more quickly than most — double-cropping!

Summer is here!   Happy June Dairy Month to you. 


2 thoughts on “Safety-first Slip-N-Slide

  1. LOVE the pictures. Glad you found a way to have fun with the plastic; always thinking and not giving up. Cute photo of the “three littles”, relaxing with their red Solo cups, watching the adults (including Vince). Thank you for sharing!


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