Goats Goats Goats

Eeeek!!!  We have 2 new baby goats, called kids.  They were born yesterday afternoon while I was fieldtripping with Liv in Sioux City. 

Joe had picked up our other 3 kids (like people kids) and came home at 5:00 to find wet , just-born goats.   Mostly a lot of noise and legs, he thought!

When Liv and I got back from the field trip, I was running to the house to change clothes into something fancier for a fundraiser in town. Ava and Vince came out to tell me about a surprise!  So, I had to go sneak a peak.  The kids were up and sprinting around the pen. We gave them some extra straw and I congratulated our mama goat. 

They made it through the night just fine.  Vince and I just came in from trying to milk the doe, named Tess.  She didn’t have much colostrum but we will check her again tonight to make sure the kids are milking her out evenly and she is comfortable. 

Usually when Vince or I go to do goat chores, we call “Goats, goats, goats.”   I think that is what everyone goat farmer does, but I’m not sure.  We may have to say it five times fast now.  There may be snow flurries in our 3-day forecast, but I am convinced spring is here now!


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