Up for the challenge?

My father-in-law, Dave, writes a monthly article for the Dairy Star, a magazine started here in Minnesota but has since grown to be nearly a national magazine. I, little me, write a blog post whenever I think of something that I think folks would read. 

Today we had a conversation about upcoming obligations and discussed the huge difference between writing and speaking.  He is slated next week  for a panel talking about taking care of your employees and I am the keynote speaker at a prayer breakfast in a few months. 

People often talk about the passage of “being kind to the least of these” in Matthew, and what keeps running through my head is that I am “poor” in the sense of public speaking and I feel like God is really truly in my care, using  the least of these. 

Sometimes people can be rude and a little mean on social media because there is a screen that stands between person A and person B. The screen can be a bad thing in that sense.  I, however, benefit tremendously from having a screen because nobody can see me cry as I pour my heart out about happenings in our family.  That’s the difference for me between writing and speaking.  I am determined not to cry while I speak.  What a strange goal. 

Joe wanted to show Liv a bit of what welding was like.

On the subject of pushing oneself beyond what is normal or easy, Joe has been spearheading a building project.  We are adding onto a barn and the project is way behind schedule and our cows could really use the space. He feels like many days he would rather just work by himself (big-time introvert), but instead is giving instructions and trying to stay a step ahead of all the people helping out.  Joe is doing an awesome job, though, (as is the whole crew) and I think the barn is going to be so nice for our cows when it is ready.  Our two oldest have gotten to help out on some Saturdays, and have learned lots. 

The green is part of a stall divider. The huge roll in the background is belting from a coal mine that will be unrolled and tacked down for cows to stand on while they eat.

Somehow it is much easier for kids to try new things and adapt so much easier.  I have lots of new things about Ava to share but I think I had better save it for another time.  I have written an entire blog post without tears in my eyes, and I think I will count it as progress toward my goal.  Thanks for reading. 


11 thoughts on “Up for the challenge?

  1. What a great blog….again. You say it so well. Mooove over girl, you aren’t the only one who has trouble speaking in public with out getting emotional. I don’t speak in public and tear up of the least little thing. (even pics or songs on fb) Yes, too much of the rant/rave thing on fb. So it is refreshing to read your blogs. Wishing your daughter and rest of your family well. Oh, and you are going to have some very happy and contented cows. Just sayin’ . lol


    • Thanks for the support, Verna. I think some people simply tear up more easily than others. I am always so happy to see you comment on my blog and support my family in that way. I can’t wait to show some photos of the happy cows in the finished addition!


  2. You have such a sweet spirit and beautiful empathy. I can always hear it in your writing. I pray your speech goes well, and I’m grateful for your writing. I hope the barn project can get finished ASAP!


  3. I am so glad your heart springs forth with words for this blog. It does give me tears on occasion but mostly it refreshes my faith. thank you.


  4. Crying (and singing) are two of the ways we “take it to the Lord in prayer”. As Nancy said above, your words refresh our faith. I have no doubt that you will do a phenomenal job at the prayer breakfast. “Keynote speaker”: you make us all proud!


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