Ava: “our Cross C7 poster child”

That is a direct quote from the surgeons today.  They were grinning ear to ear when they saw Ava do her stuff!  I was relieved, as well as excited, to see their reactions.  

I have been wondering if the progress is really supposed to be this slow, and if the potential still exists to get lots of function.  They erased all doubt. 

Ava was all smiles all day. She cooperated and we had a fun day —  just the two of us. 

She never once asked for my phone or the iPad.  She caught a 15 minute nap from the hospital to the airport but otherwise has been a trooper for the past 16 hours and we only have one flight to go.  

We made it half-way to the chapel after her appointment before I broke down in tears of thanksgiving.

Her head doctor here in Cincinnati is retiring in August.  We had figured going into this that there was no way he would stick around to see Ava through anyhow.  His co-surgeon, Dr. Schwentger is super as well, so we feel we are still in good hands.  I received a ton of great advice and feedback from the therapist.  We go back in about 6 months, but it is up to us really. 

Dr. Yakuboff and Ava = winning combination

Dr. Yakuboff stated in a very fatherly tone near the end of our 15-minute appointment that “this takes time.  It requires patience.”   I needed that.  

I am also uplifted simply by spending time in a children’s hospital.  Everybody has a story. Kids are resilient and they brighten my day. 

Ava rarely is willing to pray but after her third round of juice and snack (3rd flight of the day) she announced, “I am going to pray now.  Thank you God, for my appointment.  The Lord is my strength.  Amen.”   

Gratitude and praise.  That’s exactly what I was thinking. 


13 thoughts on “Ava: “our Cross C7 poster child”

  1. Rita it is wonderful to hear the good news! Saying a prayer of thanksgiving and praise for Ava’s healing and your entire family.


  2. Rita, you and your husband are doing a wonderful job and are raising amazing children. How beautiful that Ava prayed that heartwarming prayer. God Bless You All. And thanks be to God for the good news and incredible patience that Ava and your whole family continue to display. Sending lots of hugs!


  3. Amen. Happy that you had a great appt. with this sweet little gal. God bless you and your family with love and your continued patience.


  4. prayers continue, both for Ava and the rest of your family, patience, may God grant you all that you need. thankful that things are going well


  5. Your update brought tears of joy! Praise God for the miraculous healing He is doing through Ava! Praise Him for a great travel day! I am so thankful that He is our Healer and is not limited by our imaginations.


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