It’s only the middle of April

Yesterday, my husband planted 400 acres of corn.  That’s just crazy. Well, it would be more accurate to say that he drove the tractor with the planter over 400 acres, and there were lots of people working in front of him to make it all happen:  his dad with the sprayer, our reproductive guy on the dairy with the rock picker, and a few different people running a field cultivator, and even a disc .   Vince was definitely in the mix, too. 

Just a bit of resemblance?

I think it is so neat that the planting moves forward with such efficiency.  A lot of people put in time prior to planting to get everything absolutely ready to roll when the soil is warm enough and dry enough.  We’ve recently done a bit of reassigning of roles at the dairy, and we now have a man working pretty much full-time as a mechanic and it has really been great. 

However, today was Sunday, and on Sundays — we don’t roll. I did not grow up being as deliberate about resting on the Lord’s Day, but I treasure it now — and can see why God has this worked in for us. 

So, on Sundays, we still work some because there are things that are daily with animals, but the tractors stay parked. 

One of my hobbies is gardening.  Every spring, Joe takes a bit of a Sunday afternoon to till my garden. Lots of excitement with it this time!


Ava immediately declared, “We need seeds!”.

  The soil looks absolutely terrific. 

Joe does not help in the garden beyond this one day each spring. Once, when we were much younger, we went strawberry picking together at night and he just said he didn’t understand why this was supposed to be fun. The joke around the farm is that Joe and his co-workers are “large-scale gardeners”, so we are really enjoying the same things, just in different ways. 

Joe really loves the season of planting and the thought that, every year, this could be the absolutely best crop he has ever grown.  A couple days ago, our mechanic told me the number of days until corn silage harvesting starts (his favorite season) and well, that’s just crazy.   

In any case, I am excited to start my garden with the kids.  I’m not planning on anything super new or exciting right now, but just wait until I walk into a greenhouse. 



8 thoughts on “It’s only the middle of April

  1. We farm in southern Illinois and I must ask: What is a “rock picker”?? I have never heard of it. Anyway, Happy Planting! Whether in the fields or in the garden – it’s my favorite time, too!!


    • When I was a kid, a rock picker looked like a dusty farm kid! I really should send you a picture tomorrow. It is pulled behind a tractor and then it was something like a huge fork with tines in the front and you scoop the rock up and put it in a basket behind. It works really well if you have a large rock here and there, but not on a hillside that is littered with small stones.


  2. You are such a wonderful storyteller. I love learning about your farm and the hard work that goes into each day, even Sunday with the animals. God is smiling.


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