Lemon Floral Vase

We recently had a fundraiser for our school, Worthington Christian, and each family hosts a table of 6-8 guests.  The assignment is two-fold:  decorating a table and either cooking or coordinating the food.  I was so in my element!  I know I normally blog on SoSheMarriedAFarmer about things more related to agriculture and family, but I love home-making.

Anyway, back to decorating the table.  Each family chooses their own theme.  I recently redecorated my dining room (more on that later!) so I had fun new dishes to use.  I’m not really sure how I came upon the idea of doing lemon slices, but I think it may have been floating in the back of my mind since a friend of mine did it years and years ago, and I loved hers then.

Here’s how mine turned out!



It costed about $14 to make, provided I already owned the jar.  Here’s what you will need:

2 qt. mason jar

Cardboard center from paper towel roll

Clear plastic wrap


5 lemons


First, cut about 1/3 off your paper towel roll off, and discard it.  The reason you need this roll is so the lemons don’t fall toward the middle of the jar.  Wrap the remaining portion in plastic wrap.  This helps to provide a water-proof barrier and also hides the brown color a bit.  Then, start slicing lemons.  Don’t throw out anything but the very outside pieces.

Start sliding them in.  On the slices that I had left a bit wider, I needed to use a kabob stick to help get them down the whole way.  It takes a bit of trial and error.  Perhaps a smaller slice may fit nicer next to a bigger slice, etc.

Once you are satisfied with the lemon slices, add your flowers. This is just 2 of those $5 grocery store bouquets.  I really like the yellow flower with yellow lemons.  It would be beautiful with just floral greens and limes, too!

Next, tie a small ribbon on and fill with water.  Mine is 2 days old and still beautiful!  Enjoy.

Here on the farm, we are anxiously awaiting warmer weather so we can begin planting corn.  Joe is tying up some loose ends on the various parts of the barn we are adding on to this summer.  Field trip permission slips keep coming home from school so summer break must almost be here!  We just love this time of year.






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