Ava’s 5th birthday

Way back when I started blogging, my second child, Liv, turned 5 and I blogged about her birthday party.  I will never know why, but for a long time if you googled “girl’s 5th birthday”, that post came up.  So, often people would come to my page through that search, and I really did want to do something neat for Ava’s birthday, too.  It is just such a fun age to celebrate!

Yet, I didn’t think Ava would want to be in an unfamiliar location and with too many friends.  So, we kinda broke things up throughout the day. 

She started with Itty Bitty Sports and Swim at the YMCA.   She has done this program quite a bit this year and certainly looks forward to Saturday mornings.

Then, we picked up a couple friends and some Happy Meals!   The girls all received the same toy (whew!), as well as chocolate milk and a tube of yogurt.  Two-thirds of their 3 servings of dairy a day in one sitting!


Happy Meals!


Making crowns!

Then, Ava and Liv did some sewing with their great-aunt while I went home to do some laundry (never-ending, right?).  We are so fortunate to have 10 cousins living very close to us so we invited them over for some games!


Clean-your-side game! We made 30 paper balls and split into 2 teams. The goal is to have less paper balls on your side when the time is up. Hard to snap a good picture!


Pin the tail on the cow!


Nothing really Pinterest worthy, just hanging out.

 We finished the night off by going out to eat at the Ground Round.   Ava was probably the 5th person to receive the special dessert and birthday song, so their was quite a bit of anticipation building for her.

Now, she is happily sleeping.  We had a great day.  Kindergarten round-ups are in full swing and oh, I just dread the decision on sending her on to all-day every-day school.  The plan is to simply take things one day at a time for now. 


One thought on “Ava’s 5th birthday

  1. Thanks for the photos and the great recap of the day! It looks like a good time was had by all and you have earned a box full of gold stars for making a superb 5th birthday for Ava. God Bless!


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