Brookings and a Baby

At 7:00 this morning, Joe was headed to what I thought was a meeting in Brookings, South Dakota, when he suggested maybe the girls and I ought to go with.  Turns out he wasn’t going to a meeting like I had envisioned, but rather was meeting our dairy cow nutritionist at a farm. 

(Did you know that cows eat a very specific mix of feed that is all balanced for their protein, energy, fiber, etc needs?  They do, and it’s a pretty cool science.)

Joe had wanted to visit this farm to see how they had recently remodeled their entrance to the milking parlor.  The area where cows wait for their turn to be milked (the holding area) is something Joe wants to change at our place. We are adding on to our dairy this summer, and this holding area is a piece of it. 

Joe had been considering traveling today with Corey, our main mechanic/fix-it guy.  When that didn’t pan out, and Joe realized Ava didn’t have preschool or therapy today, plans changed.

We had a great day!!  The farmer we met was less fluent in English than Dutch, so there was a bit of a language barrier…but we saw what we wanted to and enjoyed visiting with him. So much is learned talking to other dairy farmers. 

Violet fell asleep a 89 minutes into a 90 minute drive so she isn’t in these photos!



Ava loves the baby calves! So much sunshine today.


I had never been to the South Dakota State University in Brookings before so we thought we should check it out with being so close.  I bleed maroon and gold for my MN Gophers but I will admit it was pretty nice. 

Then, we were so close to a Children’s Museum, so even though we were dressed more for a farm visit, we thought we should go.  It was engaging. 


Ava worked every muscle she had to climb up this thing. 



As we were finishing up our playtime, I ordered a Dominoe’s pizza with their Parmesan bites.  We have lots of fast food in Worthington, but not Dominoe’s and they sure know how to make a good pizza.  We ate it on a picnic table and the weather could not have been more wonderful. 

Farmers put in some long hours most days, and there are seasons the kids and I only see Joe in passing.  A day spent with him like today makes it all balance out. 

We grabbed some ice cream that is made right on campus because it seemed like the thing to do. We then drove half way home, and stopped to see this new way of building a dairy barn wall that replaces curtains.  


We thought it seemed like a great concept.  It is always better to see things in person.  

The only bad part of the day …. All this fun prevented me from seeing my brand new niece at the hospital today.  It is on the top of my list as soon as we get home!  Nothing nothing nothing beats holding a precious miracle for the first time. 


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