This time of the year

The week between Christmas and New Year is always a different kind of busy on a farm. Of course, we are usually working through some winter storms…and this year appears to be no different. Also, there’s year-end planning.  

Farming is a passion, farming is a way of life.  Yet, farming is also a business.  And businesses have to do a lot of year-end planning. 

The tax year runs January 1 – December 31.  All of your income and expenses come together to determine what kind of financial year the farm had.  If it was a good year, it is usually wise to pre-pay some expenses like seed or fuel. Pre-pay means to pay in advance of using it. So, you might pay now for seed you won’t get to plant until April. 

 Joe offered to take two kids with to do some of our end-of-year business transactions.  Liv and Ava got out the door in a hurry.  Vince stayed back.  It is like the world has turned upside-down!   Vince nearly always goes with Joe.  At least Violet is still with me or I would really be lost!

Vince’s favorite meal lately is Ham and Potato Soup.  I had ham in the fridge, and I obviously always have cheese, so I decided it would be good for Vince to receive a lesson in the kitchen this morning.  He made it all by himself except for the onion dicing.  He can’t stand that, he claims. 

It is probably against every blogging rule ever to take a picture of the recipe and post it, but Joe just texted me that they are on their way home.  The photo is a lot quicker!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  We celebrated with my siblings and parents yesterday. 


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