County Fair complete, off to Cincinatti

There is certainly something to be said for keeping busy so worrisome thoughts are pushed back as best as possible.  Having the Nobles County Fair this past week was just the distraction we needed.  It was Vince’s first year as a real 4-Her;  Liv is still a Cloverbud.  If you aren’t familiar with 4-H, it is a program for kids 3rd grade-13th (!) in which you simply learn by doing.  Lots of community service as well as choosing other projects you want to learn more about.  


We almost gave up on Big White, but so glad we stuck with it and got her halter-trained.

Of course, Vince loves the dairy project most. Liv loved the social aspect of the fair.  I went on my first carnival ride in 15 years. Violet loved to play in the straw and is getting so close to walking!  Ava escaped with no more stitches and not even a cold.  So, we are off to Cincinatti Children’s for her brachial plexus surgery. 


Liv blow drying her goat. We just loved having them this summer.

Last night, we stayed at Ava’s favorite guest house — uncle Bill and Aunt Sue’s.  Lots of toys to play with and always the BEST hospitality.  So much love. We are all well rested and glad to have 4 hours of travel complete. 

This is the plan.  My parents are hanging out at our home with Vince and Liv.  The kids will be reliving my childhood by making pickles and freezing sweet corn. This makes me smile for sure.  We have about 9 hours of solid travel time.  We don’t have to be there until tomorrow afternoon.  Perhaps we will go to the zoo in the morning if things go well. 

The surgeons will reevaluate Ava and we will sign a bunch of papers.  We will talk about the plan, although things are done a bit ‘on the fly’ according to intra-operative testing.  We arrive Wednesday morning at 7:30, and they begin surgery at 9:00.  A nurse named Melissa that we have been in contact with often the past few months plans to come out to give us updates every few hours.  I will just keep updating a blog post throughout the day hopefully. 

Ava will stay overnight for sure Wednesday night as well as Thursday night.  Joe will stay with her, and Violet (not allowed not stay) and I will be at a close hotel. We will receive lots of instructions for care.  If she can tolerate pain, we will check out of hospital and spend 2 more nights in Cincinatti per their instructions.  Then, drive home. We chose to drive rather than fly as it gives us more flexibility.  

Our church will be open from 9-3 for people to drop in to pray on Wednesday.  Two veterinarians who are friends and prayer warriors are organizing prayer commitments by emails. Many many many people on Facebook have stepped up as well. It breaks my heart to think of us as such a family in need.  I really feel like we are going in the right direction and thankful we have access to medical care.  When I work with her arm that is completely flacid now and think that it is possible for her to have some shoulder function in 6 months, elbow function in 9 months and even some hand function in 2 years, it is just hard to fathom.  Our God will work a miracle if it is His will.   Trusting God will get us through this week.  




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