7 days

I wish I could say we are counting down the days to school starting or the days to some great vacation — but we are, of course, counting down the days until Ava undergoes her brachial plexus surgery at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. 

We are confident we have picked the right team, but as the date approaches, we lie awake in bed thinking things over.  All the scars. All the areas that will be numb where they are taking nerve graft. 

Most of all, we try to focus on her coming out of anesthesia, with the function of her good hand still intact.  That is our biggest concern.  It is a risk doing these transfers but one we feel we must take.  

Pray that Ava stays safe at our fair this week. She fell twice walking yesterday.  There are just so many uneven surfaces and she has poor balance.  Pray that she stays healthy so she get cleared for surgery.  

Gotta run.  Dairy show starts in an hour.  



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