This Father’s Day

Almost always when I write, the pace is as fast as I can move my fingers.  However, when trying to express how this Father’s Day is different this year for us than in the past, the words just can’t come to me.  All I want to say is this:


I’m including some of my favorite photos of Joe. Here he is, playing catch with Ava, 8 months old.

1.  Be in the moment with your kids.  Cherish each normal, average, ordinary day.


This photo is taken on my own Dad’s birthday last year, September 13. Everybody is holding 1-day-old Violet at the Worthington Hospital.

2.  I beg you to forgive your father if you are holding anything against him.  As Ava grows up, we think there may be a time where she harbors bad feelings to us regarding her accident.  So, I guess, if you are in a similar situation at all, please know that your Dad loves you more than you could fathom.


Dad comforting Liv during the County Fair three years ago.

3.  My heart goes out to all who ache on this day.   Perhaps it’s because you mourn the passing of your own father, or maybe it’s because you question your own role as a Dad.  You are not alone on this day.  Hang in there.


Dad, ready to take Violet outside for chores in a baby carrier on a nice Minnesota winter day. Her feet sticking out on the bottom makes me smile.

Violet just woke up and so my day really begins.  I hope you enjoy this day of rest the Lord has given us.


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