Here at Mayo

Right now, we are waiting here at Mayo clinic in Rochester.   We traveled to Cincinnati Children’s and Washington University in St. Louis last week and got very differing opinions on how to handle reinnervating Ava’s right arm.  

This third opinion we will get tomorrow will hopefully help us make our decision with clarity.  Before meeting with this team at Mayo tomorrow, they wanted a CT scan and a myelogram.  The other two were indifferent to the testing but we will just send them a CD with the results.  

  We arrived at 8:00, with the CT scheduled for 8:15 and the myelogram.  There was a lot of confusion here with some people thinking the tests should be in the opposite order, some wanting anesthesia for just the myelogram and not the CT scan ….anyway long story short, it is looking like a LONG time until Ava can eat again, and maybe a full day of testing instead of a couple hours.  

We are praying for good news that her C5 nerve is not just attached but really in shape to be working fully.  Hopefully these tests are indicative of that. 

I will hopefully update tomorrow on our way home with more information about the differing plans of the 3 Brachial plexus teams and their plans. 


7 thoughts on “Here at Mayo

  1. Praying for Ava and family..she is a sweetheart and you are wonderful parents! Hoping you find out tomorrow what can be done. Hard when you have now two different opinions.. Sending our love..


  2. Welcome to Minnesota! Mayo is the best place ever. Caring doctors who are the best in the world. I trust all goes well tomorrow.


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