She’ll be back!

Our Ava is coming back to us.  Today, Ava smiled for the first time since Sunday.  


Ava is smiling for the first time as she tells Violet not to eat Dad’s phone.

She had her first meal (French fries!) and we went on a brief stroller ride outside, using a bed sheet to protect her face from the sun.   She sat up and used her left hand to remove several items from a box and was just as chatty as could be!

Prayers have been answered.  I am nervous to tell you this because I can hardly process it myself.  There is not one place that will consider Ava as a patient for nerve transplants and other similar work….THERE ARE TWO!!!!  In fact, Joe has us an appointment at Mayo to work with their team of experts from June 1-3.  We were unable to schedule but our trauma surgeon assures us that he has contacted Washington University in St. Louis and they are also interested in consulting with us.  Ava needs to heal for a month, then we will do an initial visit, and consider surgery at 3 months.  She will never again know fine skills in her right hand yet even if she had some function, we are optimistic that would go a long way as far as ability, comfort, and safety. 

Joe has begun eating again.  My exhaustion is at a workable level. The huge dark cloud that hung over us last night has been whisked away.  Best of all, our Ava is smiling again.  God has wrapped His arms around our precious girl and we give Him all the glory.  Thank you.  


19 thoughts on “She’ll be back!

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your baby girls accident. I am a pediatric plastic surgery nurse in Canada and we do nerve transfers and grafts here. I don’t know your daughter’s exact injury, but I hope you find peace and rest as you wait to hear about her surgical options. Watching these surgeries first hand is incredible and I pray you find the best of the best. It is a long recovery. Much longer than you would expect, so don’t give up hope. And on the hard days look at her beautiful face and remember that no matter what, she is yours and she will always light up your life. She will amaze you, teach you and exceed your expectations. Kids always do 🙂 God bless you guys. Take care of yourselves for her.


  2. Thank you for the courage to share your story. We are farmers too and your touching so many of us and reminding us how quickly life can change! We will continue to pray for Ava and your family.


  3. The girls & I have been praying for Ava & your family & the prayers will continue! What a beautiful smile & so happy for the good news!


  4. Oh my gosh Rita! I’m so happy to hear she is giving you a little bit of her old self. My God continue to bless Ava for He is good!


  5. It’s hard to read your wonderful post through my tear filled eyes, Rita! I hope you feel the love, prayers, and tight hugs that we continue to send your way! Ava’s smile is priceless. : )


  6. Feeling your every emotion throughout this experience. Last summer, July 17th, to be exact, our daughter was ran over with a trailer loaded with hay, we sort of calculated the tons that drove over her body and it made us so sick that I honestly can’t even tell you anymore what that exact amount was. She had one broken bone, her scapula and tons of scrapes, swelling and bruising. I am absolutely certain angels were among us saving her life during that whole ordeal. 8 months later, she’s fine. I pray everyday that you can tell a similar story. Hugs and best wishes to you all.


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  8. Joe, Rita and famiy,

    We are all thinking of you and prayers towards Ava’s recovery. So glad to read the updates and progress being made, what great news!!!
    You continue to be in all of our thoughts.
    Marilyn and AgStar team in Worthington


  9. Lifting you and your family up in prayer! ❤ We farm as well (in Manitoba, Canada) and have 3 kids, 5 and under. So hard to try to keep kids safe, but still letting them have fun and experience the beauty of farm life.


  10. We understand that you have some appointments at Mayo in June. Please do not look for a hotel room. We would love to have you stay in our home while you are here. There is plenty of room and the Yager kids would love to have a playmate for a few days. We have done this several times before and we look at it as a way to minister to others during a difficult time. Keep us in mind. We will be in touch!!!


  11. Never say never, hon. I have friends who were told they would NEVER, EVER conceive a child “naturally” and yet not only did they, by the grace of God conceive one child, they conceived two! I have been blessed to see many medical miracles that even the doctors should have NEVER happened. We are only human, bound by our human expectations and our human frailties. God is Master of all and has said we don’t understand everything. Don’t set your expectations at “never”. God doesn’t. Your family is in my prayers.


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