4 days after the accident

I can’t begin to express the appreciation I have for everyone’s support.  I have honestly felt God’s presence yesterday during a prayer over Ava.  

 Joe and I are struggling fiercely with the thoughts of Ava missing out on so many things as she navigates life without use of her right arm. Recorders in 3rd grade.  Rock climbing wall in the YMCA pool.  Carrying a lunch tray for yourself in kindergarten. We can’t believe that 3 days ago we were so concerned about something as superficial as stitches and scrapes on her face. 

She’s still the same girl.  I keep reminding myself of that.  We had a few episodes last night with pain control yet I remained focused on seeing her smile again.  On hearing her infectious laugh.  It’ so hard to think about, but had the force of her fall been absorbed by her head, there is a likely chance that possibility we wouldn’t still have our Ava. 


This is the view from our window at sioux falls childrens

 The pediatric orthopedic surgeon here at Sanford Sioux Falls immediately recommended reaching out to Gilette’s hospital in Minneapolis/St. Paul.   Yesterday afternoon, we received word back that her MRI has been reviewed by their top specialist there and the reply from them was ‘No, thanks.’   It breaks our hearts to learn that she so quickly was deemed not a candidate for an attempted fix by them.  

Susan E. Mackinnon, MD is the lady on my mind this morning.  She is the chief in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with Washington University in St. Louis.  From what I understand, she is THE top lady in the world as far as nerve transplantation goes.  She was out of the office by the time out surgeons here reached out to her yesterday. I ask you to join me in prayer that she reviews Ava’s MRI this morning and is willing to at least explore some options. 

A new chapter begins this morning on Ava’s life:  the physical therapy and occupational therapy will be here soon to make a splint for her.  

I must go now.  Thank you for your support. 


10 thoughts on “4 days after the accident

  1. Thinking and praying for you and your family. Prayers that you find answers or a plan for Ava’s arm. Also praying that you continue to feel His presence and love.


  2. Our prayers are so with you all. Our grand daughter had cancer 2 years ago and her Miracle wish was to see Bethany Hamilton-the surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. Bethany was a tremendous inspiration to the make-a-wish kids by just showing her strong (and Christian, might I add) attitude of can-do anything anyway. She even was on Amazing Race and went over a wire between 2 buildings by herself. Still surfs and is going to have a Baby this summer. Our little Erin came back reflecting the can- do attitude. God does miracles yet today. Our Erin is now cancer free for 21 months. He will get you all through too. He cares. God bless. With love and caring, Sh

    Shirley Dykstra



  3. Rita — thanks for sharing Ava’s story and keeping us all updated. I would echo Shirley’s words — with a strong will and God’s help, anything is possible. Focus not on what she can’t do (or won’t be able to do), but on what she can do (and will be able to do). Miracles happen every day, and many people are praying for Ava and your family.

    Beth Rickers Namanny


  4. Wash U and the Children’s Hospital down here in St. Louis are awesome. I hope you get through to them and they agree to help. Our thoughts are with you and all those involved in Ava’s care.


  5. Please consider contacting the Shriners hospital for children. They do wobderful work and will follow her as long as needed to age 18. God bless you all and may he wrap his loving arms around you and give you all the stength you need.


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