Our farm’s connection to NAIA BB Championship

Our long-time herdsman and the one who keeps our dairy ticking especially during harvest and planting, Bryan Voss, is no doubt smiling ear-to-ear.  His son, after being named the GPAC (Great Plains Athletic Conference) Player of the Year, is finishing his senior year of college basketball tonight.


Jalen Voss, and his dad Bryan, celebrating the 2000 point achievement! 

His team, the Dakota Wesleyan Tigers, are playing for the Championship after coming into the tournament ranked 5th.  There is a huge crowd down there in support — so much so that the joke is that they brought every last person from South Dakota with them to the tournament in Missouri to cheer them on.

All those fans shouting at the games has certainly been working.  They’ve won Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

Jalen has always preferred his basketball shoes over farm boots, yet has helped with making hay by operating the merger as I mention in this post.  Jalen plans to continue to stay involved with basketball after graduation, either as a coach or a player.  In any case, we are so proud of his success and his team.

Tonight at 6:00, people from Worthington are sure to be tuning into ESPN3 at 6:00.  Thanks for making Worthington proud!!

P.S.  Joe has been handling Bryan’s responsibilities at the dairy, and it would be fair to say that he will be glad to have Bryan return!


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