A 30-year commitment

If you ask a farmer for the first thing that comes to mind when you say “thirty year commitment”, they would say a long-term real estate note from the bank.  We would probably just commonly call it “30 year money”.  However, my in-laws have just completed a whole different kind of agreement.

Last night, they finished 30 years as parents to a child at Worthington Christian School.  (Now, that’s a lot of pans of bars!)   Here’s how it all started:


Enjoying some cake and punch after graduation last night, is my mother-in-law, deb, and her oldest daughter, Anna. Photo bomb by Beth Prins.


Joe’s oldest sister, Anna, started kindergarten 30 years ago.  The ‘school’ was in a different building then, and numerous other things have changed, but never their commitment.  Joe was two years later, and then there was a 4 year gap.  Next came Joe’s two younger sisters, Tae and Kia.

Along the way, God worked another kid into their lives, Sarah.  She is shown in the photo I have from last night, second from right.  She was being honored for her service in the past year to our preschool, Hi-Ho.


Outgoing staff from the school: Mrs. Eekhoff, Miss Hiemstra, and Miss Sarah. Recognizing them is Danni Weg.

Before Sarah was finished, her little brother O.D. was ready to begin.  Last night, he proudly walked across the stage.


Graduation at Worthington Christian School.

Do my in-laws get a break now?  Yes and no.  Their days of helping little ones to memorize Bible verses and that sort of thing are done.  However, out of the approximately 70 kids enrolled at WCS, 5 of them are their grandkids.  It looks as if they will add 7 more grandkids to the mix in the next 6 years.  My ears ring just thinking of all those years of listening to 4th graders play recorders at the spring music concert.


My mother-in-law, deb, with my 3-year-old, Ava. Photo taken in an apple orchard earlier this week.



3 thoughts on “A 30-year commitment

  1. That last sentence just makes me think of the horrible clarinet squeaks to Go Tell Aunt Rhodie in beginning band. (I’m sure none of them were you.)


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