A little upkeep on the farm

Working in a winter wonderland….that’s what the guys remodeling a few buildings on our farm are doing. Our granary was falling apart shingle by shingle, board by board. We’ve talked about redoing it for a long time and decided this summer we HAD to have it done, or it would soon be unusable.  Our garage sits very near to the granary, so if we were putting siding on one, it really made sense to do them both.

Here's the before photo -- taken last April.

Here’s the before photo — taken last April.


Our view from the house a few months ago, with the garage in the forefront completely done, and the granary with just a few boards ripped off.


Here you can see all the boards pulled off, and new boards on to attach the steel siding to.

We ripped a few boards off ourselves.  Call me crazy….but we are keeping  them for the time being.  Someday, I may do something creative with them!

Granaries used to be used for well, storing grain.  We have re-purposed ours to store our fuel barrels, skidloader and all of it’s attachments.


Gas on top, diesel in the red barrel beneath….don’t want to mix them up!


The skidloader actually fits in quite nicely, with room to turn to pick up attachments stored on each side.

Clair Van Grouw Construction (like them on facebook, they have a ton of great photos!)  has been out working on this project off and on throughout this winter.  I snapped a few quick photos today while they were in town for lunch as well as a chance to warm up, no doubt!


Doesn’t it look nice already? Still needs half of the roof, and a white corner trim piece. We really wanted to keep the cupola on top…although it was a ton of work for them. It is basically like siding and roofing a tiny building on top of a building.


It will be so nice to have windows. If you look closely, you can see our neighbor’s barn through it in this photo.


Here’s the view looking from the other way. Granary nearly finished, detached garage finished, and snow, snow, snow.

While I was out taking photos, I got to thinking about the number of heifers we have cared for here at our place.  We now have only pregnant heifers, but in previous years we raised both open and pregnant heifers for our dairy here.  The first group of heifers nearly 10 years ago included 492 (I remember her as a very white heifer).  This photo has 4493 looking at you….so neat to think we have raised 4000 heifers here!


Hello from 4493!! They are just waiting for the feed truck.

Stay warm!


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