Getting to know Dr. Thumb

You know all those pesky little “recommended products” that pop up on  (I try very hard to shop locally, but there are somethings that you just can’t buy here in Worthington.)  A few weeks ago, this little device to help a child quit sucking her thumb appeared and so I checked it out.  For $31.99, I thought I’d give it a whirl.


Dr. Thumb on Amazon for $31.99. I ordered the small size which is for kids up to 3 years old.

Joe’s first reaction was that it seemed a bit mean.  I reminded him how beautiful it would be to see our little girl’s face all the time and to actually have a photo of her smiling.  I must have been convincing because he is the one who actually put it on Ava for the first time.  Her reaction?  To our surprise, she didn’t care at all.

She just picked up her sippy cup, using only her right hand.  The ‘device’s was on her left hand and she just decided that hand wasn’t very useful any more.  Really weird, when considering she was used to sucking her thumb for a good share of the day.


Ava sleeping with her Dr. Thumb on.

The company “Dr. Thumb” advises to keep it on for 2 weeks straight for a 92% success rate.

Here’s our experience:  We kept it on 24 hours a day (well, sometimes she wriggled her thumb out at night) for 5 days.  When we went to church on Sunday, we took it off.  Throughout that morning, whenever we would see her bring her hand up, we’d remind her and praise her for keeping her thumb out.  Since then, we just put it on for naps and overnight, and she NEVER puts her thumb in anymore.  No reminders.  No pestering.  Nothing.  She has nearly kicked the habit.


I am hopeful this is the last photo I will ever take with Ava sucking her thumb!

She still wishes she had her thumb at night as she tries to fall asleep and continues to wriggle it out every now and then.  She takes advantage of that ‘secretive time’ and when she comes out of her room her thumb looks like a wrinkled potato that was forgotten in the back of the pantry.  I’m okay with that.  I just love to see her play with both hands during the day so that is worth it in itself.  The other huge plus is that she talks way more.  Without her thumb in, she interacts much more when we read books and really, all day long as we go about our tasks.  So I consider it a success!



13 thoughts on “Getting to know Dr. Thumb

  1. Awesome! I’m putting this in my “back pocket” for the future – Hazel is a thumb sucker, and while at 5 months it’s cute – I can imagine down the road it won’t be. I started school as a thumb sucker and kicked the habit sometime in 1st grade. 🙂


    • Part of the reason I decided to try it now is that she can’t manipulate things very well yet and so it generally stays on. By the time a child is 6, I definitely think she would have to want to stop. Know what I mean?


      • Huh…no, you’re right, it doesn’t! Or, rather, the ring it has is not so good. Lucy claims that she only does it with Buddy…but she’s wrong. She doesn’t even realize how much she does it. It’s got to end.


      • I have heard of an awful awful awful tasting nail polish or cream or something that people use especially for trying to quit chewing their nails. Some reviewers said it was so awful that any sort of finger foods were out of the question. Lucy seems way too sweet and innocent for something like that.


  2. Wow! We may have to try this for Grace! She sucks her thumb a lot during the day and, of course, during nap time and overnight. I feel it’s already affecting her teeth as her front teeth don’t touch when she bites down! Thanks for the post! I was thinking we were just going to have to “grin and bear it” until she decides to give it up in her own..,


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