Jingle Bells: Dashing through the days of 2013

J — Jersey. We decided farm kids just plain ought to have a dog, and our search for the perfect puppy ended when my brother-in-law called to say he had a stray brought into his vet clinic. Jersey is a light brown color and full of energy. She is also a thief….gloves and tape measures disappear all the time.

I — Individuals. We are amazed at how unique God has created our kids to be. They are certainly siblings, but also individuals and I guess that is one of the wonderful things about parenting.


Photographer standing near our mailbox, looking north to Highway 60.

N — NASCAR race. Joe and I broadened our horizons by attending a NASCAR race in Newton, Iowa this past summer. It was a free trip for us and a fun, short getaway. We also celebrated our 10-year anniversary a few months late while in Colorado to attend Joe’s cousin’s wedding.

G — Growth. Vince is 8, Liv is 5, and Ava is 2. Time has flown. Sometimes I look to find my little boy, and there is a three-fourths grown Vince standing there. Liv is loving kindergarten and Ava likes to destroy the order I try to keep in our house.

L — Lazy and Crazy. Vince and Liv raised 2 bottle calves again this summer. Vince’s calf was pretty spunky for being just a day old so he named her “Crazy”. Liv looked at her exhausted calf and announced, “Mine is just so lazy.” The fair continues to be a highlight of our summer.

E — Eye Surgery. The tear duct for Ava’s right eye has never worked. She has always had tears dripping onto her cheeks. Her doctor finally convinced me to do something about it. What was supposed to be a simple surgery in September in Sioux Falls didn’t work, so we tried again in October at the U of M. It was all great until Ava pulled the stent out six days later. So now, some days her duct drains and some days it doesn’t. One of the things we learned in the process is that Ava has astigmatism in her right eye, so now she sports a pair of glasses whenever I can keep them on her.


My 3 munchkins! I bought the sled at our neighbor’s auction last spring for $15.

B — Blogging. I began a blog this year at soshemarriedafarmer.wordpress.com. It is my hour per week to promote all the goodness that goes on at our farm, as well as farms across this nation. I enjoy writing and posting photos, although I sometimes struggle to carve out the time each week to get it done.

E — Extra-curriculars. Ava loves to be around people, Liv enjoys dance and gymnastics, and Vince likes all sports and continues to be forced into piano.

L — Lawn-mowing. Vince has taken over this job on the farm, and shows a lot of God-given talent in operating machinery in general.

L — Legos. All the time.

S — Side-shooter. Joe has put a lot of time and effort into developing a side business of chopping corn silage for farmers in the area. He continues to love to work with all aspects of the farm and I love to be a stay-at-home mom so it all works out pretty dandy.

Here’s to a great 2014!!


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