Nutrient Redistribution (or Poop Pumping)

So, you hate to judge a book by it’s cover, but if a company’s slogan is “We’re #1 when it comes to #2”, it’s probably run by some pretty fun people.  Calumet Manure Management, with their massive amount of tractors, trucks, hoses, pumps and four-wheelers, has taken up residence at our dairy for the past week.  They utilize an “umbilical cord” system, where millions of gallons of manure are pumped from our lagoon through miles of their hoses and then slowly applied to our fields.


This photo depicts a small percentage of their total equipment.

We used to haul all our manure ourselves, but have chosen to hire it out for the past few years.  There are tons of benefits:

1.  They use hoses instead of tankers.  It takes the burden off the roads and no worries about people getting into car accidents.  Neighbors don’t see the same tanker go thousands of times past their house.  The odor is just about non-existent.

2.  It allows us to get manure on land we couldn’t economically reach before.  We went as far as 6 miles this year.

3.  It’s high-tech.  The amount of gadgets and gizmos they have is unbelievable.  Lots of it is controlled by apps on their cell phones, and they also have “real-time” data that shows precisely the amount they are spreading.  We get great data as to exactly what the boost in fertility is to each acre.

4.  Well, yeah, we can find other things to keep busy with.


Here you can see a booster pump, which they place at one-mile intervals. Also, note the long stretch of hose.

One of the huge benefits of having livestock is having manure.  It is really such an asset and never considered a waste.  Commercial fertilizer just can’t ‘boost’ the subsequent year’s crops the way manure can.

Lastly, we’ve had some rain here in southwestern Minnesota, but also some beautiful days.  The sunsets have been stunning.  My sister-in-law snapped this photo of Joe and me in their apple orchard last Sunday night.  I just want you all to know that AgStar did not pay Joe any money to pose with a dirty farming sweatshirt on:)  Have a great week!


Love this man!


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