The Best of World Dairy Expo 2013

3 days of rain in the forecast PLUS kids having time off from school EQUALS an obvious “alignment of the stars” to head to World Dairy Expo 2013.  Joe figured after spending 4 weeks, 16 hours a day looking through the windshield of his forage harvester to chop silage, that driving 6 hours  to Madison, Wisconsin, looking through our Expedition’s windshield seemed like no big deal.

Center of the Dairy Universe

Inside the coliseum, they made a fun little “observadairy”. Madison, Wisconsin and World Dairy Expo: Center of the Universe!

A really neat aspect of being a farmer is the community that comes with it.  Yes, we are all competitors trying to grow and sell the same products, but we are mentors, teachers, supporters, and friends above all else.  So, half the fun of going is just running into folks we haven’t seen in awhile.  The other half of the fun for me is the dairy show, but for Joe it is the trade show.


The judge is the man in the suit, left and center. He, along with an associate judge, are lining up the approximately 40 heifers based on their body conformation — having the right blend of size, strength, correctness of feet and legs, and dairyness.  (Yo, spellcheck, ‘dairyness” is indeed a word.

As a college student, I competed in the judging contest back in 2001.  Each year, the shavings are dyed because it is the ‘big stage’.  This year it was purple; the year I judged it was green and, of course, way neater.  The top 25 students representing colleges throughout the country earn All-American honors.  12 years ago, I was 31st….and I still recall that impossible-to-place Holstein heifer class.  Anyhow, I think it is fantastic to sit in the stands, watch the classes and try to pick the winners.  My husband on the other hand, loves the trade show.


Absolutely any business that sells or services anything dairy has a booth at World Dairy Expo. Shown here is an automatic cow brush. Cows learn that when they bump it, it will begin rotating and then they will get whatever itch they have scratched. Would it work in my living room?

Tons of machinery is parked outside, there is a main exhibit hall, and then smaller other buildings and tents.  No way you could see it all in one day.  You just pick and choose what interests you.

double stroller

So exhausting. I really didn’t think we needed a double-stroller since Liv is 5 years old. But alas, here is a photo of a Dutch double stroller.

We also took the time to attend the Gopher Dairy Club reunion at the Coliseum Bar.  I talked to a professor I hadn’t seen in probably 10 years and countless other friends.  My dad has 4 brothers who also farm (or farmed) in Minnesota, so there were lots of Albrecht’s in attendance!  Perhaps our Christmas get-together should just be there next year, as long as half the family is there anyway.

Now, it is back to business on the farm.  Time to combine soybeans.  The wonderful thing about combining beans vs. chopping silage is that is takes way less people, and Joe has to wait in the morning until the dew dries off.  He comments that it seems very peaceful in the combining because he isn’t always radioing trucks about which field driveway to use and that sort of thing.  I hope you are having a fantastic fall season!  Stay safe.


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