Support Redhead Creamery

Really, now, who doesn’t love cheese?  That’s what I thought.  And, really, who doesn’t love supporting small-town America and a seeing a young gal’s dream come true?  Read on.Image

A friend of mine, Alise Sjostrom, is this young gal.  She’s in her mid 20’s and she’s a wife, mom, and dream-chaser.  She happened upon a farmstead cheese operation when she was 16, and decided cheese-making was how she intended to be a part of her family’s dairy farm when she graduated college.


Alise and I getting to know each other over a glass of wine at a cooking class.

Building a cheese plant takes a ton of money and support.  Her family is asking for everyone’s help.  She has started a Kickstarter campaign.  If you’ve never heard of it, Kickstarter is a way to raise money for your business, band, movie, whatever….but you have to achieve 100% of your goal or you get nothing.  They have just hit 50% of their goal and have 20 days left to achieve the other 50%.


Here’s why I supported them:

1.  I’m all about dreaming.

2.  I believe she has done her research.

3.  They are totally looking at this project though the lens of “what-does-this-mean-for-my-family-in-the-long-term”.  That means a lot to me.

Can you imagine growing up on a farm where your family milked cows and then made cheese? Super neat.  To find out more about their project and watch their video, click here.  You can learn all kinds of neat aspects of their plan, including how they plan to use the whey to help fuel their digester that makes electricity to put back on the grid.  As for me, I just supported them and can’t wait for my pound of cheese (yep, there are prizes for funding them!).


Does this make you think of some plan that has been floating around in your head and you’d really like to kickstart?  I think my kids, without my help, could come up with at least 10 ideas.  Kids are fantastic that way.  I have always thought the Nobles County fair could use a cheese curd stand.  Hmmm….where could I source the cheesecurds?


9 thoughts on “Support Redhead Creamery

  1. I came over here via Gretchen, after reading about her recent visit to your farm. Was Redhead Creamery funded by Kickstarter? What a wonderful project. Please update us.

    My son is also in the process of setting up a Kickstarter for Blockspell, a game he is developing. I love how contributions to Kickstarter fund dreams.


    • Hi, Minnesota Prairie Roots. I remember that you guest-blogged for Gretchen a while back. Thanks for stopping by. The Redhead Creamery kickstarter was super-exciting. Their goal was $35,000 and, with the help of 499 backers, raised over $41,000! Also, it helped them to garner TONS of publicity. I definitely think all the media coverage will be of benefit to them when they finally start making and selling cheese. I will have to check out your son’s campaign!


    • Hmmm, I tried to find it but couldn’t. Then, I carefully reread your post and see he is just setting it up. Keep me posted as to when he sets it up.
      Lastly, the post I wrote about her kickstarter campaign was one of my most popular. People love to hear about dreams!


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