My thoughts on chocolate milk

Way too soon, Vince will begin 2nd grade and Liv will be in kindergarten (gasp!).  I hear you can be put in jail for keeping your kids from going to school, so alas, I will allow it.

So, there are tons of changes coming up in our lives.  New routines like earlier bedtimes, homework, and probably a lot less time with Dad as corn silage harvest is right around the corner.  Vince is reluctant; Liv is so excited.  One thing (okay, probably the ONLY thing) that Vince is looking forward to is the chocolate milk that he gets with his school lunch.

I don’t offer chocolate milk at home.  It is just a convenience issue.  I don’t want to have to inventory both white and chocolate milk in my fridge.  What if the white milk runs out?  Chocolate milk in my alfredo and chocolate milk in my cereal?  No thanks.


Liv enjoying a cup of chocolate milk at the $1 all-you-can-drink milk stand at the Minnesota State Fair in 2011.

Regardless of what happens at home, this is why it is okay with me if my kids drink chocolate milk in school.

1.  It has the same 9 essential nutrients as white milk.  Also, the amount of sugar/sweetener added in is not that much.  (Did you know that flavored milk only contributes 3 percent of the added sugars in children’s diets?)

2.  Research shows that children who drink chocolate milk usually meet more of their nutritional needs and are NOT heavier than non-milk drinkers.

3.  Out of the 5 “Nutrients of Concern” that children do not give enough of, milk contains a healthy dose of these 3:  calcium, potassium, and magnesium.  Let’s not forget about Vitamin D, because we all know kids get less sunshine time when in school.


This boy definitely got enough sunshine for sufficient Vitamin D this summer!

 The other really nice thing about chocolate milk is that it is a pick-me-up.  My mind was swimming yesterday after doing 20+ 4-H livestock exhibitor interviews in 90 minutes.  Knowing that I had 5 hours of judging cows and goats in front of me, I needed a bit of energy.  I grabbed a carton of chocolate milk and was ready to go.  So quick and easy.  I think Liv will definitely need this around noon time, as kindergarten is SO exhausting.

Chocolate milk is also being recognized as a great post-race refueling drink.  Hmmm…I do worry that my two-year-old, Ava, will have me running around like crazy trying to keep her busy while she misses her siblings.  Maybe I do need to start keeping chocolate milk in my fridge!


7 thoughts on “My thoughts on chocolate milk

  1. Rita, this is good to hear. I know that my kids often drink chocolate milk at school and I just hadn’t decided that it was a hill worth dying on, but sounds like I don’t need to worry at al, so that’s lovely! But no, I don’t keep it at home either for the exact reasons you don’t. Plus…no room in my fridge!


  2. We do get chocolate milk for home once in a while… as kind of a treat. And, I DO like chocolate milk on my cereal…but as a bedtime snack, too sweet for the morning! 🙂


  3. We were just having the chocolate milk discussion at one of my “lunch lady” training sessions and chocolate milk is deemed an integral part of retaining school lunch customers. It is also no longer allowed to be anything but skim or 1%, so put the worry aside. Drinking milk is always better, no matter the flavor!


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