Great Gift Ideas

Today is the birthday of one of my children’s great-grandmas.  (They have three, which is pretty neat).  Great-grandma Gert is 89 today and she is ringing in her birthday with her NEW iPad from her son (my father-in-law) and her first introduction to the internet.  How cool is that?  Awesome gift.


The gift from us to Grandma. Not quite as fantastic as a new iPad, but oh well. I tried to help her get a few apps on her iPad, but didn’t know her password and she didn’t either. I’ll try another day.

My kids have accumulated a lot of gifts over the years and these are some great ideas, in my opinion.  A great gift for a boy is a tractor WITH a loader.  In this photo below, Vince is playing with a skidloader.  Having the option to scoop and dump makes the toy so much more interesting.  I know that my boy is really into farming more than most, but just about any boy loves a loader tractor.


Especially when Vince was younger, if is was too cold to play outside in his sandbox, he loved to scoop rice, dried beans, tiny stones, or even snow inside the sink.

A great gift ideas for girls is Color Wonder markers by Crayola.  If the marker touches anything other than the specific Crayola paper, it doesn’t leave a mark.  Not even on walls!  I really like to pull out our Color Wonders for in the car on a long trip.  Even Vince, who dislikes coloring, will play with them for a little while.

Another great idea for a boy or a girl, is something my sister, who works for the Post Office, recently mailed to us.  A BEACH BALL!


$2.58 to mail this. No box or wrapping needed!

She wrote our address on it, and did a few drawings on some of the stars.  We left the stamp on it…for now anyway.  I’m pretty sure you could do the same thing with a pool noodle.  Great gift idea, especially if the child isn’t expecting it.  Shout out to my sister!

Thanks for reading!


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