Our July 4th tradition

I have some super neat photos to post today.  My family doesn’t have a ton of traditions but one of them is a 4th of July photo.  It started 7 years ago when Vince was a baby.  The corn crop was looking phenomenal that year, and Joe suggested we take a photo of Vince in a corn field to remember it.   The photos aren’t from a super stylized shoot.  We usually run in and run out before the mosquitoes carry us away.


Corn looked awesome in 2006

My husband’s family has a kid’s clothing store, so after the first year, I have made a point of getting some red, white, and blue clothes.





They both look so young!


I chose this photo because it is the first year my husband started to wear the special prescription glasses that also block the sun. He had suffered some injury to his eye in a farm accident the previous winter.

My husband getting a phone call on the 4th of July?  Must have been a problem at the farm!


Our neighbor has a really neat white fence.



So blessed!


With 3 kids, a great fast photo is just not going to happen.


Last year on the north side of our grove.

No photo of us all today yet.  It will happen though.  It’s tradition!  Thank you to all who have served our country.  We live in a really great place.


5 thoughts on “Our July 4th tradition

  1. My family has done this since 1975! It’s neat to look back and see the crops and the people. I started doing this with my dairy-farmer husband in 2004, so we have two photo books 🙂


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