Being a Mom is not easy

Yesterday, we were dreaming big.  My daughter that turned 2 years old in March had her first gymnastics class.  It was offered through community education as a “mommy & me” class for kids ages 18-36 months.


She looks ready!

I promise you Ava was the only child in the class that didn’t start walking until 20 months.  She was the only child there that couldn’t jump.  Watching all the other kids hopping and galloping  and skipping around, it is hard not to feel like a terrible mom.

Her pediatrician tells me she is the “most spoiled child ever”.   At her well-child visits throughout her  years, we have discussed her being late to sit up, late to crawl, late to walk, late to speak, and on and on.  His explanation each time was “too much love”.  He says that he can see it in the way that I hold her and treat her.  She has always been  perfectly content to sit on my lap and watch the world go by.


Her absolute favorite part was chasing this ball.

She is my snuggler.  My thumb-sucker.  She brings more joy and laughter to our family than you can imagine.

I do know, however, that she needs to grow.  A few months ago, she finally started to want to walk on her own across a parking lot.  In the last 2 weeks, she does a little bit of running.  Spoken words are still very hard to come by, but she understands what is being said perfectly well.

In her shoes, he wears a basic orthotic insert that helps her stand more squarely.  You can kinda see in the photo below that her right foot pronates quite a bit.  She had x-rays done about 5 months ago, but the recommendation was just to wait.  My husband and I are still undecided whether to pursue more ‘treatment’ or not.


My dream for her is not to compete in the Olympics as the next great gymnast, but to be able to chase and keep up on a playground.  So, we will keep going to gymnastics on Wednesday nights.  We will continue to search for the rooster around our farm and do any any other exciting physical activity that I can think of.  Lastly, yes, I will continue to spoil her and love her ‘too much’, because I believe that is part of who I am as a mom, and I don’t feel guilty about that.


6 thoughts on “Being a Mom is not easy

  1. When Mackenzie turned one I has asked the doctor is it normal for her to sleep 14 hours. He said yes. In the fall she kept getting sick. I kept taking her to the doctor and they finally found two holes in her heart. That is partly why she was sleeping so much. So if you know something isn’t right keep going to find the answer.
    Awesome that she is up and trying things.


  2. Great post, Rita! I can relate! Ian is 22 mo. old and barely talks. People have asked if I am concerned, and I usually say “No. Are you?” He makes noise all day, but only uses about 5 words. However, he SMILES at everybody, and that’s the best form of communication there is! 🙂 Our kids are incredible no matter if they walk, talk, jump, use sentences or whatever else is on the development chart…because they are created by God they are exactly the way He wants them to be! Everyone else just needs to come to that conclusion as well.


    • You are totally right!! Each of my children has very unique talents. And really, that is the joy of life. Can you imagine how boring would it be if all kids did all things in the same way at the same time. God has a plan for Ava. (I believe part of that plan is a husband who is very good at giving foot rubs — her favorite thing in the world!) It will be exciting to see her future unfold.
      For I know the plans I have for you. Jeremiah 29:11


  3. Rita, you are the best mommy ever! Remember most of all …..our kids are God’s kids, he blessed you to have and hold her, to raise her and give a firm foundation. You cannot make her who you want her to be or what you want you want her to be…BUT you can ask God to Bless you to be the best mom you can be so she can be ALL God designed her to be!


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